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 NovaScape - 317 RuneScape Private Server

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PostSubject: NovaScape - 317 RuneScape Private Server   Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:28 pm

Hey guys, how's it going?

Well, as well as being the Game World Website Owner, I'm also the owner of a 317 RuneScape Private Server called 'NovaScape'.

What is a 317 RuneScape Private Server?:
A '317 RSPS (short for RuneScape Private Server)', is a copy of the old-style RuneScape. Not old-old, going all the way back to RuneScape Classic, but pretty much just after that. You start off with what's called a 'Source', which holds the Character Files of your server, and what also runs the server. You can also edit stuff to do with your server in your 'Source'. You also need a client! Clients are what you log into the game with. This holds all your - what we call 'Models', which are the item looks, etc.

Why I chose to make a 317 RuneScape Private Server:
Well, many people loved playing the 317 Version of RuneScape. This was when there was no 'Trade Limit', which effects how much money you can trade to another player, there was also many awesome features such as 'Wilderness/PKing'. Unfortunately, many people think that JaGEX (the creators and developers of RuneScape) ruined RuneScape by adding a 'Trade Limit', so people could not 'Real World Trade' - which is when one person trades items between his accounts, also so people could not scam others so easily, and they also changed the way 'Wilderness/PKing' went, such as when the player dies, the player that killed the other player does not get what the player had on death, instead thye got a random generated drop. This was also to stop people from 'Real World Trading'. I also think that JaGEX ruined RuneScape this way. Another reason I chose to make a 317 RuneScape Private Server, is because it attracts more people - since MANY people loved the Old-School RuneScape more than the modern versions of RuneScape.

Some Features of 317 RuneScape Private Servers:
317 RuneScape Private Servers have no 'Trade Limit' allowing players to sell items for pretty much as much as they wish, as long as the buyer agrees on the price. Even without the Trade Limit, scamming only happens on rare occasions. 317 RuneScape Private Servers also have absolutely awesome 'Wilderness/PKing', where the player gets the items of the other player he killed, that the dead player had on death.

317 RuneScape Private Servers are also quite easy to edit, and change around. This makes it much easier to add plenty of new awesome features to your server, such as Godwars, Fight Pits, etc.

Some Features of NovaScape:
- All Godswords!
NovaScape has every Godsword from RuneScape (Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos, and Armadyl). These have the correct stat bonuses, and are working 100%!

- All Godsword Stances

Players hold their Godswords in the correct position, making them look much more professional.

- All Godsword Special Attacks
Every Godsword in NovaScape has the correct Special Attacks from RuneScape, making them look much more professional - especially when fighting opponents.

- All Spirit Shields

NovaScape has all 6 Spirit Shields (Normal, Blessed, Divine, Arcane, Spectral, and Elysian) from RuneScape. Spirit Shields are great for defence bonus, and work awesomely whilst in combat. These are also very rare items.

- Awesome Custom Items
NovaScape has really awesome custom items, such as Custom Whips, Custom H'Ween Masks, Custom Godswords, Custom Armour, Custom Skillcapes, and more! Some of the custom items you'll find in NovaScape are: Black Partyhat, Pink Partyhat, Red Whip, Blue Whip, Purple Whip, Pink Whip, Barrows Whip, Bandos Whip, Dragon Whip, Halo Energy Sword, and much, much more!

- Excellent Staff
NovaScape's staff is the best of the best. We pay a massive amount of attention to who we pick, and the players that we think should be involved with the NovaScape Staff. The staff of NovaScape always pay attention to you! Whenever you need help, assistance, or information, we're always here for you!

- Full Godwars

NovaScape has all Godwars monsters, which work 100%. They all drop rare items too, so Godwars is an awesome place to make money at if you're planning on making money on ways that involve using Combat!

- Full Skilling

NovaScape has excellent Skilling! Skilling is where you train non-combat related skills, which can be really fun! There's an absolutely excellent skill-training place, where you can train all non-combat skills there!

- Full Wilderness/PKing
NovaScape has the best of the best pking. When you kill a player, they drop exactly what they had on death AND you also have a rare chance of getting one or more pieces of 'PK Armour' (Statius, Vesta, Zuriels, and Morrigans).

- Awesome Economy
The economy we have, is perfected. Rares are hard to get, Customs are extremely hard to get, shops sell the perfect amount of items, for a perfect price - to keep the economy great.

- A fully functioning website

NovaScape has a 100% working, and fully functioning website. It was built for all players to do, if they prefer to just sit down and relax for a while. We built the website best for everybody's needs. The best part of the website, is that it's a nice and comfortable environment for absolutely everybody.

- A great place to hand out with friends
NovaScape is an awesome place just to hangout and chill with your friends. It's a very comforting place for everybody to come to. There's many things to do, so you don't get bored and just quit easy.

- Aweome Home area

NovaScape has a new and diverse home area. It's a massive place, with many skill areas built in, so you can skill with your friends. There's also a built in bank to the area, making it easy for everybody.

- New max level

NovaScape has a new and awesome max level of 135! Getting to a total skill level of 135 is extremely hard, and you need to reach 500 Million XP, to be level 135! You will find that 500 Million XP is the highest XP count possible to go to! Once a player has a max stat of 135, they have access to an awesome new custom skillcape, to show off their true power!

- Donators
NovaScape has a fully functioning 'Donator System'. Players who donate to NovaScape get a 'Donator Rank' on both the Forums, and in-game! Donators have access to Custom Armour, and awesome Weapons (such as Whips and Godswords), to show off their contribution to NovaScape. Donators even get their very own, massive island! You can bank, skill, hang-out, train, and do much more on the Donator Island! Donators also have access to special 'Donator Only Monsters', which are on the island. These monsters drop rare Donator Only Items.

- Many helpful commands
NovaScape has awesome commands, but not stupid ones that completely ruin servers like Master, Pure, Pickup, etc, as NovaScape is a Economy/Skilling/Pking/General based Runescape Private Server, we only have community based commands such as ::home, ::hbank, etc. These are very handy if you're needing to bank quickly.

- Shopping Zone
NovaScape has a custom 'Shopping Zone', where there are over 20 Shops there that sell all different types of items! You can find shops such as the 'PK Shop', or the 'General Supplies' shop there, which sell you very handy items that can help you out throughout your NovaScape Adventure.

- Great Uptime

NovaScape has awesome up-time, pretty much 24/7! We are currently looking at VPS to purchase, so that NovaScape can take a massive step forward! Myself, Jackson, am currently looking at buying a New Computer, which will be very handy when it comes to hosting NovaScape! The current computer that I'm looking at has great stats, such as 3.2Ghz! I'm also looking at great new internet, which has 90GB of data allowance per month, making it possible for me to host a whole heap!

- Much, much more
You'll find that there are heaps more features in NovaScape, which makes it such a great private server to play.


You can access the website, by going to www.novascape.tk - Please remember to register on our website, and vote frequently.

You can download the client, by going to the Client Download Link on the NovaScape Website.

We are currently working on creating a Webclient for everybody to use. This will be on the NovaScape Website.

You can contact me, the owner of NovaScape, by adding my MSN: Jackson.McCarter@hotmail.com

Hope to see you soon!
- Jackson, the Owner, Coder, and Web-Developer of NovaScape.
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NovaScape - 317 RuneScape Private Server
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